Installation Instructions

Shiplap Use

Our shiplap can be used in both interior and exterior applications.  Our pre-finished pine is for INTERIOR APPLICATIONS ONLY.  

Shiplap installation uses: cottages, houses, horse barns, wainscoting, feature walls, ceilings, flooring, and more!  

Over time, the color of the pine will change slightly. This is normal and is caused by exposure to UV light.

Prior to Install

Place your pine shiplap in the room where you plan to install. Allow 7 to 10 days for the wood to acclimatize. This is important – the wood needs to expand or contract based on the space’s relative humidity; also elminates the majority of the wood expanding and contracting after install.  However, pine may shift slightly after installation – this is normal and should be expected as pine is a natural product.

Nailing Directions

Use 2” finish nails (16).. Nail at 45 degree angle into the lap edge and place another nail in the face opposite the exposed lap. Place 2 nails into each stud, joist or strapping.


Use water and mild detergent and wipe dry.