Pre-Finished Shiplap

pre-finished shiplap
pre-finished shiplap

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100% Solid Wood Shiplap

Pre- Finished Shiplap

Our pre-finished shiplap is finished in a state-of-the-art factory to apply several coats of finish to every piece of pine. The wood is sealed on all sides to prevent cupping and warping. Also – each piece is sanded to provide a smooth finish you can count on with every piece.

By being able to choose your lengths, you can send in your lumber listing that works best for you project – less cuts, means less waste!

Product Sizes
Our pre-finished shiplap is available in 1 x 10 sizing.

We offer lengths of 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 ft.

Standard Colours
Our pre-finished shiplap is available in 2 standard colours – Pickled White and Rustic Grey.

Custom Colours
Do you have another colour in mind? We can match your colours with our pre-finished shiplap!

We have inventory & ship quickly!
Wide 1 x 10 plank shiplap is not readily available – we have inventory – we have stock and can ship to your location quickly.

Dressed Sides Options.
1 x 6  – dressed 4 sides;  ¾” thick; 5 ¼” coverage
1 x 8 – dressed 4 sides; ¾” thick; 7” coverage
1 x 10 – dressed 4 sides; ¾” thick; 8 ¾” coverage
1 x 12 – dressed 3 sides: 13/16” thick; 10 ¾’ coverage

Our Shiplap is Kiln Dried.
Low moisture content resulting in a stable, consistent product – stored inside to control moisture content!

Only #3 Grade or Better.
Which is a better grade than you can find in your local lumber yard – no knots falling out; no wane!

Smooth for Interior.
Our 1 x 10 has a dressed face – ready for your interior installation!